10 Fashion Mistakes You Make (and Should Try to Avoid)

  1. It’s hard to say goodbye to the old clothes you’ve owned for many years. Well, unfortunately, you have to. Otherwise, while others are moving forward, you will look like you’re stuck in the past.
  2. You think it’s a disgrace to shop at second-hand stores or flea markets. I’ve got some breaking news for you, my dear: all the most stylish fashionistas do that! No, seriously, you have no idea how many cool things you can find there. And they don‘t cost much.

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  3. You like to hoard stuff. Instead of buying one pricey, but high-quality item, you stack your drawers with cheap junk that breaks/tears after you wear it once.
  4. You resist to let the hairdresser cut your hair. Somehow many girls believe that long hair is a guaranteed attribute of attractiveness. Well, short and healthy is always better than long, but weak and messy.
  5. You wear a jeans shirt with jeans. Are you planning to go to a rodeo tonight? Or maybe sing some country songs in karaoke? No? Then match jeans shirt with black trousers. Forget the “Canadian tuxedo”.
  6. You get too excited when you see an expensive designer brand logo. And buy the item even if you have no idea where and how to wear it. Remember: it’s quite hard to pull clothes with highly visible designer logos off. They look cool in very rare cases only.

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  7. You put on too many details. Yes, details matter, but when you start looking as if you are a real-life stand showing off accessories for sale, it’s just too much. Remember the golden rule: less is more.
  8. You’ve never tried shopping online. Again, it’s 2018, baby, so it’s a high time you did that. And trust me, it’s very likely you’ll love it. Remember, you can even pay by phone. Life has never been easier than today.
  9. You don’t use an iron. I know it takes time and there’s always a risk to burn your expensive blouse, but you just have to learn to use it. Wrinkled clothes can ruin all your outfit, so spare those 10 minutes to take care of this.
  10. You buy clothes that are too small for you. For those better times when you get skinnier. But you never do. You feel bad that you aren’t wearing the expensive items you once purchased, so you try to squeeze into clothes that are too small for you. And look sad. Just stop doing that.

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