Top 5 fashion trends of 2017

Fashion trends keep changing every year. Some stay and some leave while some from the past are revived again. Trends in a fashion never remain static. 2017 is a year to look forward to for its trends and here are our top 5 fashion trends that we would recommend you this year:

  • Stripes:

Stripes have always been the trend for a long time, and it hasn’t left out this year either. The trend for stripes just never seems to go away. Stripes go well with any clothing and always manage to look awesome. The runways over the past few years including this year have always included models in stripes. Don’t all of us girls own at least one striped item in our clothing? Just proves how trendy it has been and this year remains the same.

  • Florals:

Floral was a hot trend in the past. It has come back recently and will be one of the hottest trends in 2017. Florals look amazing especially during summer, spring and early autumn. They are feminine and brighten you up. Either as a standalone or mixed with other clothes, it makes one look fabulous. A lot of designers have also used florals with bold and bright colours for their collections this year. Runways are not complete without florals taking a walk on the big stage. The best part is that floral clothing is always available in all price ranges.

  • Artistic/Painter’s prints:

Another fashion trend we would recommend you to follow is the art print also known as the painter’s print. As its name sounds, this type of fashion looks like the paint has been beautifully splattered on to your clothing. In 2016 it had been predicted that this trend would be one of the hottest in 2017. Their aesthetic appeal and patterns make them look amazing. No wonder a lot of designers have used this trend as an inspiration for their runways this year.

  • Culottes:

We cannot leave out Culottes when it comes to the top fashion trends in 2017. Culottes are trousers which are of knee length. They also resemble a skirt as you can see in the picture. The flowy look makes one who wears it look chic and elegant. It depends on the designer, but the majority of the culottes come with bold and dashing prints. They are perfect to make your summer look complete that can be worn in both formal and informal settings. Most of all they are very comfortable to wear.

  • Statement Earrings:

Statement earrings give the bold and grand touch to your outfits. Statement earrings were extremely popular during the 1980s. The versatility of statement earrings to look good with anything makes it a great trend for this year. A lot of people are using these earrings for various purposes, and you will also find your favourite female celebrities wearing statement earrings to events. One can wear statement earrings with simple and plain looks. This accessory spices up your look and completes it.

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