Should You Watch Fashion Shows?

fashion show

You have certainly seen runway shows and maybe reality TV fashion shows like Project Runway. Have you ever though about is there a point to watching these shows?

As is often the case, here we are talking about world-class photographers and designers. The whole point of these shows to give an image of extravagance, very few people would wear anything even close to what presented fashion show garments.

So, the question is should you watch fashion shows at all?

It’s Hell of an Entertainment!

fashion show

First of all, yes, you should watch fashion shows. As you are here I will assume you are into fashion. So, even if it’s only for the plain entertainment value – why not watch something you enjoy. Some people get their kicks out of looking for the perfect spins for free site, others like sports.

If you are like me, then sit down because the Milan Fashion Week review is about to start.

Destroying the Myth

There is a prominent myth that I already touched upon in the beginning. It goes something like this: fashion shows are for the designer to make a name for his or her brand, not for the people. There is truth to that.

But, it is not always the case – a point brilliantly illustrated by Huffington Post’s recent article on the New York Fashion Week. In this article they took 7 trends straight from the catwalk and showed how it can be applied to your everyday style.

fashion shows

Essentially, it is like watching haute cuisine shows on TV. We both know you are not getting that $100/pound Wagyu beef (it’s fine, it can be our secret). So, you find cheaper (or, simply, more preferable) substitutions. There is nothing wrong with that and the same exact sentiment goes to fashion.

You don’t need to buy $6,500 dress with angel wings and tiaras – you find substitutions that suit you even better.

If You’re Not a Designer

…And you are probably not, watching fashion shows can give you a ton of ideas on how to apply the newest fashion trends to your current wardrobe. I, like many girls, do like to dabble with my own accessories. Either I will look for a very specific piece online like Etsy or I will make it myself.

fashion shows

In any case, you probably have dozens of pieces of clothing that, with the right accessory, can transform into something spectacular. Don’t be shy. If there is a dress you haven’t worn for a while, you know the one that is not the right fit anymore but has too many memories, cut it, shape it, transform it into a scarf or anything else what your heart desires. You are not destroying it. You are giving it a new life.

That’s where reality TV shows come in play. The challenges test the resourcefulness of the contestants – what can they do and how much with very little they get. While it’s not my favorite program, I do love to watch these shows and use the ideas for my own inspiration.



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